All our studio tables feature rack space for your studio hardware, in different sizes and arrangements. But what exactly is this – a rack? And what should you consider when working with racks? In our current Studioguide episode we’ll give you valuable tips to help you make the best outRead More →

To work efficiently in a professional recording studio requires a suitable working environment – but not only professionals benefit from a studio desk specially tailored to their own production environment! But why should you do that? A large table with enough storage space does it, or doesn’t it?! You mayRead More →

Basically, not as much as you might think… Our Sessiondesk tables are largely self-explanatory, both in terms of setup and installation. And let’s be honest: We put our whole heart and soul into our tables, but when it comes to practical use, a studio table is not an SSL deskRead More →

As the name suggests, the BASIC series meets the basic needs of a studio table in various areas of audio production, whether you are primarily composing, recording, editing, mixing or creating beats. That we don’t misunderstand each other – with a model from the BASIC series, you don’t just coverRead More →